About Us

R.J.Enterprises- The Complete Solution Partner-is Started in 2013.We Located in Kalathipady, Kottayam. We Provide both Sales and Services of all types of Products includes- Photocopier MFD, ID Card Printing Machine, Digital Duplicaor (Copyprinter), Multimeadia Projectors, Writing Board (green & white),Resine Steel Boards (Magnetic),Melamine Coated Board (Non Magnetic),Ceramic Board,Pin up Notice Board, Pin up Notice Board with Acrylic Door Cover,Key Hanging Board,Tripod Stand Screen,Instalock Screen,Motterised Screen, Specktron Intractive Smart Board,Digital Podium (PA Lecturn) &Automatic Digital Token Announcement Display System.Our Main Clients are both Private and Public sectors like Grama Panchayat, Hospitals, Co-operative Banks, other Private Banks, Schools, Colleges, other Educational Institutes, Government offices,
Other Co-operative Offices etc… We also provide services in all above products.

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