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The Altop White 82 Diagonal is an Optical Touch Board that offers an energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution for interactive presentations. It has a smooth surface and supports up to 10 touch points, making it ideal for business and educational environments.

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The Altop Interactive Board 82 Diagonal is an innovative tool that enhances the user’s overall interactive experience. This board comes in a stunning white color and is equipped with an optical touch feature, which ensures high accuracy and responsiveness. With a power consumption of just 0.5 W, this board is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Measuring 1646x1156mm, this interactive board provides ample space for users to showcase their ideas and presentations effectively. The board’s surface is made of resin/ceramic steel matt, providing a smooth and durable writing surface. The board’s response time is just 3 milliseconds, ensuring that users can write and draw without any lag.

This board has a 4:3 aspect ratio, making it perfect for business presentations and classroom lectures. It can support up to 10 touch points, enabling multiple users to work on it simultaneously. It operates efficiently in a temperature range of 25 deg C to 75 deg C and has an operating humidity range of 10-90% RO non-condensing.

This interactive board operates on an Android version 5 & above, and has a RAM of 2GB and ROM of 8GB, providing ample storage for apps and files. With an 82-inch diagonal size, this board is suitable for large rooms, conference halls, and classrooms.




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