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Ozone Water Purifier Steel

Experience pure and safe drinking water with the Ozone Water Purifier Steel. It features a 125 Ltrs/hr flow rate and provides 40 Ltrs of hot and normal water through advanced ozone disinfection technology. Ideal for homes and offices.

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Best Water Doctor introduces India’s first and unique water purifier integrated with a dispenser using advanced ozone technology. The Ozone Water Purifier Steel model offers a high flow rate of 125 liters per hour, ensuring a constant supply of clean water. With a capacity of 40 liters each for both hot and normal water, this purifier caters to various needs.

Utilizing ozone produced by corona discharge, this purifier effectively disinfects microorganisms, ensuring safe drinking water. The innovative design includes a compact ozone generator and venturi system, maximizing ozone efficiency in the water treatment process. This combination guarantees the delivery of rich, pure, and safe drinking water, making it an essential addition to any home or office.





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