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Ahuja NBA20 neckband

The Ahuja NBA20 is a lightweight and ergonomic neckband with a high-performance condenser microphone for clear vocal reproduction. It features a flexible gooseneck for easy adjustment and a 3.5mm jack connector for compatibility with various audio devices.

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The Ahuja NBA20 is a comfortable and stylish neckband that offers high-quality sound for various purposes. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make it perfect for use during long events, presentations, and performances. The neckband comes with a high-performance condenser microphone that provides excellent vocal clarity and minimizes background noise. The flexible gooseneck microphone allows for easy adjustment and positioning to suit your needs. Additionally, the neckband features a 3.5mm jack connector that is compatible with most audio devices, such as amplifiers, mixers, and wireless transmitters. The Ahuja NBA20 neckband is an ideal solution for public speaking, conferences, and other applications that require hands-free operation and clear audio.




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