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Ahuja SSA-10000

The Ahuja SSA-10000 is a powerful stereo amplifier with a maximum output of 1000 watts per channel at 2 ohms. It features balanced and unbalanced inputs, Speakon outputs, and protection circuits for safe operation.

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The Ahuja SSA-10000 is a high-power stereo amplifier that is designed for use in large sound systems. With a maximum power output of 1000 watts per channel at 2 ohms, this amplifier is capable of driving even the most demanding speakers with ease. It features two balanced XLR inputs, two unbalanced RCA inputs, and two Speakon speaker outputs, providing a versatile range of connectivity options. The SSA-10000 also includes protection circuits for overloading, over-temperature, short circuit, and DC voltage, ensuring safe and reliable operation. With its robust construction and excellent performance, the Ahuja SSA-10000 is a top choice for professional audio applications.




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