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Wired mic Ahuja AUD 101XLR

The Ahuja AUD 101XLR is a high-quality wired microphone with a unidirectional dynamic element, rugged metal body, and 3-meter cable with XLR connector, perfect for professional audio applications.

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The Ahuja AUD 101XLR is a high-quality wired microphone designed for professional audio applications. It features a unidirectional dynamic microphone element that delivers clear and natural sound with high sensitivity and low distortion. The microphone is built with a rugged metal body and a shock-mounted capsule that helps to reduce handling noise and ensures durability. The AUD 101XLR comes with a 3-meter cable with an XLR connector that provides a reliable and secure connection to your audio equipment. This wired mic is perfect for use in live performances, speeches, conferences, and recording applications, providing excellent sound quality and reliability.




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