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The PeopleLink EliteFHD Pro Series is a high-quality camera designed specifically for boardrooms, offering a 12X Optical Zoom, 16X Digital zoom, and a coverage of up to 72.5 degrees wide-angle. It also features auto-brightness to adjust the brightness based on the available lighting conditions, ensuring better video quality.

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The PeopleLink EliteFHD Pro Series camera is designed specifically for boardrooms. It comes with a Pan/Tilt and Zoom feature that can be controlled with a remote and allows for a coverage of up to 72.5 degrees wide-angle. The camera has a 12X Optical Zoom and 16X Digital zoom feature which helps in capturing every minute detail including facial expressions and gestures. It also features an auto-brightness feature that adjusts the brightness based on the available lighting conditions to ensure better video quality. The camera has a Full Function USB Interface, compatibility with USB Type C, support for audio, support for compressed video output, and supports UVC V1.1~V1.5 protocol. The camera also comes with 1080P Full HD resolution, an ultra-high frame rate of up to 60fps in 1080P, and a 72.5° Wide-angle Lens + 16x Digital Zoom. The high SNR of CMOS sensor combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm effectively reduces the noise, even under low illumination conditions. The camera’s images signal-to-noise ratio is up to 55dB or more. The camera supports multiple controlling methods, including RS232, RS485, network, and USB interface support for remote controlling. It also supports H.264 Slice/ H.264 SVC encoding mode, adapts to video conferences of advance USB applications.




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