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The PeopleLink Elite FHD Premium Series cameras are perfect for boardrooms, with a pan/tilt/zoom feature, auto-brightness, and the ability to capture even the tiniest detail.

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The PeopleLink Elite FHD Premium Series cameras are ideal for boardrooms. With the ability to pan/tilt and zoom, these cameras offer coverage of up to a 72.5/60.7/60.7-degree angle. The 12x/20x/30x optical zoom and 8/16x digital zoom features ensure that every minute detail, including facial expressions and gestures, are captured. With the auto-brightness feature, the brightness adjusts based on the available lighting conditions to ensure better video quality. The cameras support local storage modules and enable direct recording to local USB flash disks without NVR. The cameras also have a high SNR of the CMOS sensor combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms, which effectively reduce the noise even under low illumination conditions, ensuring clear and clean pictures. The cameras have an RS232/485 interface, allowing all the camera parameters to be remotely controlled by high-speed communications.




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