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The ViewBoard® 32 Series is a comprehensive 4K UHD interactive whiteboard that offers a pen-on-paper writing experience with Ultra Fine Touch Technology and 20-point touchscreen interface. It features a SmartPort™ USB and multi I/O ports for added connectivity, myViewBoard™ suite for seamless software integration, and front-facing dual speakers for better engagement.

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The ViewBoard® 32 Series is a comprehensive solution for teachers and schools, equipped with the latest technology to deliver more interactive and engaging lessons. The 4K UHD display provides clearer colors and less glare with its bonding technology, while the 20-point touchscreen interface allows users to collaborate naturally either with a finger or one of the ViewBoard styluses. With Ultra Fine Touch Technology, the display offers a pen-on-paper writing experience with instant response and high accuracy, while the dual-tip pen support allows users to simultaneously write or draw with two different colors. The SmartPort™ USB and multi I/O ports including HDMI/VGA offer additional connectivity options for other devices, making it a perfect addition to the classroom.

The built-in access to the myViewBoard™ suite provides seamless software integration with all the hardware. The included myViewBoard digital whiteboarding software offers enterprise-level security with cloud-based portability and annotation tools such as simple, wireless casting capability with secure single sign-on, innovative collaboration tools, easy conversion of common files, and much more. Furthermore, myViewBoard Manager offers a single-point management system capable of simultaneously controlling multiple displays. The front-facing dual speakers provide better engagement and an enhanced audio experience for all users.





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